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  • [Phys-l] Bressoud's MAA Launchings piece "The Best Way to Teach", Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] Bressoud's MAA Launchings piece "The Best Way to Learn", Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] measure phasors and plot them using your very own lock-in amplifier, John Denker
  • [Phys-l] Schooling or Education?, Bernard Cleyet
  • Re: [Phys-l] Why soldiers break step on small bridges, and not so small., Keith Tipton
  • [Phys-l] More on Piaget, Jack Uretsky
  • [Phys-l] Sharing a link, ludwik kowalski
  • [Phys-l] Roediger's Tips for Reviewers, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] Discrepant amplitude measurement, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] phasor notation snafu, John Denker
  • [Phys-l] New from the National Academies: "A Framework for K-12 Science Education" #2, Richard Hake
  • Re: [Phys-l] Lecture Isn't Effective: More Evidence #2, carmelo
  • [Phys-l] Correction: Apparatus competition entrant ... Re: physics teacher evacuates the airport??, Bernard Cleyet
  • Re: [Phys-l] Computer/web-based administration of the FCI, Paul Lulai
  • [Phys-l] contact info?, Anthony Lapinski
  • [Phys-l] Why CERN May Not Find SUSY, Spinozalens
  • [Phys-l] Flies Like a Bird, brian whatcott
  • [Phys-l] Airports Closing?, brian whatcott
  • [Phys-l] Pres. Obama to eliminate testing portion of NCLB, LaMontagne, Bob
  • [Phys-l] Gary Trudeau goofs, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] Cow 1 is not Cow 2 (Obama and testing), Dr Holly Priestley
  • [Phys-l] Batting Practice, LaMontagne, Bob
  • [Phys-l] past post, Aburr
  • [Phys-l] Questions about science literacy evaluation, Dr Holly Priestley
  • [Phys-l] Induced Gravity, Decoherence and Causal Horizons, Spinozalens
  • Re: [Phys-l] Bonds, energy; formerly: More Stupidity in state exams, Paul Lulai
  • [Phys-l] Global warming violates FLT AND Le Chatelier, John Mallinckrodt
  • [Phys-l] Typesetting Physics Equations, Derek McKenzie
  • [Phys-l] Physics and Astronomy Simulations, Richard L. Bowman
  • Re: [Phys-l] Limits to Growth, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] frizzi, John Denker
  • Re: [Phys-l] resigning and why, Edmiston, Mike
  • Re: [Phys-l] resigning and why ******** New Thread, LaMontagne, Bob
  • Re: [Phys-l] [PTSOS] Physics tops the science CSTs, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] J.D. uncertainty, Paul Lulai
  • [Phys-l] chemical drawing software, chuck britton
  • [Phys-l] plastic lens scratch repair?, John Denker
  • [Phys-l] cooling hints, Aburr
  • [Phys-l] FCI (Force Concept Inventory) & MBT available in 20 languages, Jane Jackson
  • [Phys-l] Do Extremal Black Holes have Inertial mass?, Spinozalens
  • Re: [Phys-l] Assessment of Critical Thinking Skills, Richard Hake
  • Re: [Phys-l] Assessment of Critical Thinking Skills - ADDENDUM, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] Reissner Nordstrom Black Holes and the Loss of Information., Spinozalens
  • [Phys-l] magnet keepers, Bernard Cleyet
  • Re: [Phys-l] Bye changed to cool car, Sam Sampere
  • [Phys-l] AAPT 4 day special sale of teaching aids, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] Cool Toy, LaMontagne, Bob
  • [Phys-l] decibels, Kyle Forinash
  • [Phys-l] Learning Readiness, brian whatcott
  • [Phys-l] COLD FUSION, ludwik kowalski
  • [Phys-l] Marylin vos Savant again!, Bob Sciamanda
  • [Phys-l] Freezer Delay, Donald Polvani
  • Re: [Phys-l] Another alternative theory horror, Bernard Cleyet

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