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  • Re: Direct Instruction in Science, Richard Hake
  • Block sliding on curvilinear surface, Gonzalez-Espada, Wilson
  • Solar panel information, Gonzalez-Espada, Wilson
  • Fall Conference on Case Study Teaching in Science at SUNY Buffalo, Nancy Schiller
  • Re: boosted electromagnetic fields (was: motional emf), John Denker
  • Re: boosted electromagnetic fields, John Denker
  • LR demo circuit, Carl E. Mungan
  • wave emission, Carl E. Mungan
  • Science Quotations, Carl Gaither
  • Fwd: AAPT Update 2004 Number 7, danmacisaac
  • Scientific Integrity in Policy Making, John Denker
  • [no subject], Polvani, Donald G.
  • The Candidate .... (political), Bernard Cleyet
  • Re: The Candidate .... (political), fred bucheit
  • The Essential Exponential! book of articles by Albert A. Bartlett is now available., Robert G. Fuller
  • Action Research - Use of Video in the Physics Classroom, mitch foster
  • Re: Video references, Robert Beichner
  • Re: Reading Science/Math Texts - PART 1, Richard Hake
  • Re: Reading Science/Math Texts - PART 2, Richard Hake
  • Re: Reading Science/Math Texts, Richard Hake
  • black hole information (non)paradox, John Denker
  • Cold fusion = Pathological science ???, Ludwik Kowalski
  • Galileo, David Abineri
  • ASCII format, Ludwik Kowalski
  • Teaching science on the edge of knowledge, Pamela L. Gay
  • vector notation, Larry Smith
  • Re: textbook churn, John Denker
  • chemistry-physics interface, Eric Scerri
  • Re: PHYS-L Digest - 20 Jul 2004 to 21 Jul 2004 (#2004-207), Ronald Newburgh
  • New Editions and Selling Textbooks, Folkerts, Timothy J
  • Pauli Exclusion, Eric Scerri
  • Re: Reading Science/Math Text, Jack Uretsky
  • full apology, Eric Scerri
  • Afshar Experiment, Wolfgang Rueckner
  • latest issue/ Foundations of Chemistry, Eric Scerri
  • Tall Waves More Common Than Expected, Brian Whatcott
  • Basic Choices and Constraints on Long-Term Energy Supplies, John Denker
  • Underwater Rotary Sprinker., Brian Whatcott
  • Scientific American, (was Tall Waves . . .), Ludwik Kowalski
  • Yahoo! Auto Response, Caryn Sugden
  • COLD FUSION, Ludwik Kowalski
  • I am confused, Ludwik Kowalski
  • Re: calculation format, John Denker
  • Re: Direct Instruction in Science - Date Error, Richard Hake
  • Population Control (was: Basic Choices and Constraints ...), Brian Whatcott
  • Unavailable web server, Gary Turner
  • Re: Population Control, Bernard Cleyet
  • Re: Energy, population (and AIDs?), Pamela L Gay
  • Correction Re: Energy, population (and AIDs?), Pamela L Gay
  • Blue Moon Tonight, Brian Whatcott

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