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  • Re: [Phys-l] Rocket Science, John Denker
  • [Phys-l] PER + Physics Teacher Prep Tenure Track faculty position at Buffalo State, Dan MacIsaac
  • [Phys-l] PER + Physics Teacher Prep Tenure Track faculty positionat Buffalo State, Gonzalez-Espada, Wilson
  • Re: [Phys-l] PER + Physics Teacher Prep Tenure Track faculty positionatBuffalo State, Gonzalez-Espada, Wilson
  • [Phys-l] beyond google, Pat Viele
  • [Phys-l] Fwd: AAPT NEWS: August Issue Now Available, Dan MacIsaac
  • [Phys-l] Near-Final Report ? of the Commission on the Future of Higher Education, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] the mathmatics of physics, adrian sears
  • Re: [Phys-l] Interim Report on the Hake List Methodology, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] Mosteller In Memoriam, Brian Whatcott
  • [Phys-l] Academic Search from Microsoft, Brian Whatcott
  • [Phys-l] LA Times Report on ALTERED OCEANS, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] The Bazaar Approach to Encyclopedias, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] instructor's manual needed, frank cange
  • [Phys-l] laser pointer, Anthony Lapinski
  • [Phys-l] Collision of irregular bodies, D.V.N.Sarma
  • Re: [Phys-l] CP Violation and the Equivalence principle, Spinoza321
  • [Phys-l] Physics trivia quiz, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] Seeking Diagnostic Tests, Bill Rachinger
  • [Phys-l] Seeking Diagnostic Tests rides again, Bill Rachinger
  • [Phys-l] Rocket Science: A Grant Application, Brian Whatcott
  • [Phys-l] Professor Wichman, Spinoza321
  • [Phys-l] LQG comes of age?, Spinoza321
  • [Phys-l] Smolin's preons = geons?, Spinoza321
  • [Phys-l] Student Reading Guides and Physics Links, Clements, Gregory
  • [Phys-l] science trivia w/ a political flavour: Einstein, human evolution, and Jeb Bush's view of the construction of history, Bernard Cleyet
  • Re: [Phys-l] Sir, Can We Do Something Easier?, Edmiston, Mike
  • [Phys-l] software needed, Josh Gates-fac
  • [Phys-l] We are three dimensional beings. (BMI and scaling law), Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] Another try, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] Bicycle question, Savinainen Antti
  • [Phys-l] Critical angle, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] man successfully hangs from high voltage line, David T. Marx
  • [Phys-l] Air Conditioner Sizing (was Another Try), Edmiston, Mike
  • [Phys-l] Teaching torque, Leigh Palmer
  • [Phys-l] season's greetings, John Denker
  • [Phys-l] Evidently the Church didn't learn from Galileo., Bernard Cleyet
  • Re: [Phys-l] trimester course set-up, Mike VanAntwerp
  • [Phys-l] bicycle stability (yes, again), Stuart Leinoff
  • [Phys-l] Tenure Track faculty position in PER and Physics Teacher Prep, Taha Mzoughi
  • [Phys-l] VCR/DVD, JMGreen
  • [Phys-l] *SPAM* *SPAM* Re: trimester course set-up, Mike VanAntwerp
  • [Phys-l] a simple toy, Leigh Palmer
  • [Phys-l] The Boat that sails Upwind: The Balloon that blows upwards to rise., Brian Whatcott
  • [Phys-l] Scientists & Teachers: promote your classroom research!, Jane Jackson
  • [Phys-l] gasoline, Anthony Lapinski

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