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  • [Phys-l] This amount of energy boggles bc's mind, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] NCLB petition, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] sponsors needed for Kenyan science, engr, & education students, Jane Jackson
  • [Phys-l] AP on GPA (the other AP), John Denker
  • [Phys-l] Learning barriers: was Physics first, Ludwik Kowalski
  • Re: [Phys-l] Rainbows, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] ADVICE ON LAB EQUIPMENT, David Abineri
  • Re: [Phys-l] anode and cathode, carmelo
  • [Phys-l] EPA closes some of their libraries. A frank call for political action., Bernard Cleyet
  • Re: [Phys-l] simulations, was ADVICE ON LAB EQUIPMENT, Edmiston, Mike
  • [Phys-l] Reading Hestenes, Bob LaMontagne
  • Re: [Phys-l] Phys-l Digest, Vol 23, Issue 6, Spencer, Rob
  • [Phys-l] math notation question, Larry Smith
  • Re: [Phys-l] Phys-l Digest, Vol 23, Issue 9, Phil Parker
  • [Phys-l] Comets, JMGreen
  • [Phys-l] rotation of plane polarized EM rad., Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] Practical use of N2?, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] Not that unusual, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] real or at least quasi-real problems, John Denker
  • [Phys-l] Happy Holidays, Calvin Kalman
  • [Phys-l] dimensionful permittivity, John Denker
  • [Phys-l] For J. Denker, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] Forced Liquid Structures, Brian Whatcott
  • Contact info for the list, Mark O. Kimball
  • [Phys-l] Force on an accelerating piston, Dan Crowe

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