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  • Re: [Phys-l] Marilyn shoots from the hip, Carl Mungan
  • Re: [Phys-l] Force fields Was: Re: voltage (was: Ludwik's Kindle again), Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] potential energy density for a wave on a string, Carl Mungan
  • [Phys-l] PhysTEC Conference registration deadline January 16, Jacob Clark Blickenstaff
  • [Phys-l] Entropy again, Savinainen Antti
  • [Phys-l] Quantum of action, Moses Fayngold
  • [Phys-l] check your work (and kinetic energy), John Denker
  • [Phys-l] a mathematical curiosity, Carl Mungan
  • [Phys-l] Decorated Symbols (e.g. x-bar, q-dot, v-vector) in HTML, John Denker
  • [Phys-l] Platonic vs Socratic Methods (was ". . . . Physicists Seek To Lose The Lecture As Teaching Tool" ), Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] summer programs for high school students, Philip Keller
  • [Phys-l] "Looking up" results on a graph, Folkerts, Timothy J
  • [Phys-l] Temperture profile in a graviational field, Folkerts, Timothy J
  • [Phys-l] leap second limbo, John Denker
  • [Phys-l] TP Msg. #1145 Helping Difficult Students Read Difficult Texts, jbellina
  • [Phys-l] Invitation to connect on LinkedIn, James Mackey
  • [Phys-l] Project Galileo, Kelvin Ng
  • [Phys-l] slogan : "those who can, teach ....", John Denker
  • Re: [Phys-l] FCI and CCI in China #2, Richard Hake
  • Re: [Phys-l] [PTSOS] Pendulum wave video, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] About education; sharing a link, ludwik kowalski
  • [Phys-l] Rubber band and thermodynamics, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] Reform of STEM Education Requires A Systems Approach, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] refereeing, Carl Mungan
  • [Phys-l] Modeling Instruction Annual Report: 4000 HS teachers took 350 workshops, Jane Jackson
  • [Phys-l] Opportunity for recognition, jbellina
  • [Phys-l] Relativistic Mass or lack thereof in intro books, Rauber, Joel
  • [Phys-l] Old (2009) from TAP-L Fwd: [tap-l] Electron Orbitals for Hydrogen, Bernard Cleyet

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