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  • Re: [Phys-l] Whistling at 2.4 atm, Brian Whatcott
  • Re: [Phys-l] Street-Fighting Mathematics, Brian Whatcott
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  • [Phys-l] 2010 Gordon Conference on Physics Research and Education, Dan L. MacIsaac
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  • [Phys-l] Some ammunition for the unionized teacher., Bernard Cleyet
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  • [Phys-l] Fwd: UCS on Colbert Report tonight: Defending climate science, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] musical instruments, Anthony Lapinski
  • [Phys-l] standing waves in exhaust?, David Strasburger-fac
  • Re: [Phys-l] Multiple Choice Exam Questions #2, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] Algebra based/calculus based laboratory, Jacob Clark Blickenstaff
  • [Phys-l] Optics textbook?, Leigh Palmer
  • Re: [Phys-l] Phys-l Digest, Vol 60, Issue 36 Landau on Lagrangian, Al Bernstein
  • Re: [Phys-l] Results from The Survey of Distance Learning Programs in Higher Education, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] Do Undergraduates Comprehend "Concept"?, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-l] Tektronix vs. Agilent Scopes, Ian Tolfree
  • [Phys-l] Death of Time Dilation., chuck britton
  • [Phys-l] Ampere's original magnetic force law, Bob Sciamanda
  • [Phys-l] high school physics job opening, Anthony Lapinski
  • [Phys-l] Quantum Dot Transition Energies, David Craig
  • [Phys-l] electric pickle, Anthony Lapinski
  • [Phys-l] equilibrium, probability, and Boltzmann factors, John Denker
  • [Phys-l] Looking for thermo cofee differential equations, CARABAJAL PEREZ, MARCIAL ROBERTO
  • [Phys-l] Equilibrium, chuck britton
  • [Phys-l] LanSchool, Bill Nettles
  • [Phys-l] sound demo/question, Anthony Lapinski
  • [Phys-l] Vernier is hiring, John Gastineau
  • [Phys-l] refraction question, Anthony Lapinski
  • [Phys-l] Modeling Workshops for HS physics, chem, phys sci teachers, Jane Jackson
  • [Phys-l] momentum dissipation?, Bernard Cleyet
  • [Phys-l] Indiana Modeling Instruction Workshops in Chemistry and Physics for Summer 2010, Joseph Bellina
  • [Phys-l] Chem Modeling, lacy6
  • [Phys-l] picture, Anthony Lapinski
  • [Phys-l] Seventeen Statements by Gold-Standard Skeptics #2, Richard Hake

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