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  • Re: [Phys-L] Keystone XL: The Pipeline to Disaster, Richard Hake
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  • [Phys-L] Symbiosis: A Standardista Endorses a Direct Instructionist, Richard Hake
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  • [Phys-L] Old Quadrant - portable Clock., brian whatcott
  • [Phys-L] the Bohr atom, or not, John Denker
  • Re: [Phys-L] The status of Kirchhoff''s laws, John Denker
  • Re: [Phys-L] David Berliner on "A Nation at Risk": Three Decades of Lies #2 - ADDENDUM #2, Richard Hake
  • [Phys-L] simple models of QM wavefunctions, using interactive animated computer graphics and otherwise, John Denker

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