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Re: [Phys-l] Hybrid mileage

Marty Weiss wrote:
...I highly recommend the Simeone Foundation Museum as a side trip. Here is the web site.

Dr. Fred Simeone, a locally well known retired surgeon, has amassed over 60 vintage racing cars from the beginning of auto racing (1090 on up) and assembled them in a huge building well appointed with stage sets and displays depicting various international race tracks including the famous Mille Miglia Italian road races of the 30's. He has examples of every well known model you could think of, from Bugatti, to Aston-Martin, to Alfa, and many others I had never heard of before, all in mint running condition. Every month, in good weather, they take two cars out back and run them on a small enclosed track. This place is amazing and is not too well known outside of the area....
Marty's note triggered my memory of a recent radio talk by a Harvard medical school teacher who has done some work on cost effectiveness comparisons in American Health care Systems.
His anecdote concerned an evaluation of why health care costs in one Texas town were among the highest in the Country. There was honest puzzlement expressed by the indigenous physicians there, as to his analysis of causes.

(He mentioned a fragmented specialist setup, splendid specialist institutions for
heart transplants among others, a dearth of general practice physicians
and a certain amount of "gaming' of the system so as to maximize patient chargeables and surgical procedures by some rather rich incumbents).

He invited them to look over one of the MOST cost effective regions for patient care (one whose costs per capita were quite a bit lower, whose survival rates were higher, where, like the Mayo Clinic, physicians tended to be salaried, and worked as teams...)

They showed up in a private jet....

Brian W
p.s. In this small town, I have looked over the private car museum of a stockman,
where, lacking the pictorial panaramas, there are many beautiful veteran and vintage cars of that kind too