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Re: [Phys-l] Hybrid mileage

Since we are on the topic of cars I want to put in a plug for one of Philadelphia's little known treasures. For those of you who will be coming to town for the NSTA convention in spring, 2010, I highly recommend the Simeone Foundation Museum as a side trip. Here is the web site.

Dr. Fred Simeone, a locally well known retired surgeon, has amassed over 60 vintage racing cars from the beginning of auto racing (1090 on up) and assembled them in a huge building well appointed with stage sets and displays depicting various international race tracks including the famous Mille Miglia Italian road races of the 30's. He has examples of every well known model you could think of, from Bugatti, to Aston-Martin, to Alfa, and many others I had never heard of before, all in mint running condition. Every month, in good weather, they take two cars out back and run them on a small enclosed track. This place is amazing and is not too well known outside of the area. In fact, not too many people around here have heard of the place until now but that might change soon because the museum, and Dr. Simeone, were featured in the NY Times several weeks ago and the museum was just written up in a local magazine.

If you Google map the location, it is quite near to the Philadelphia International airport. Believe me, if you have a couple of hours during the convention, or if you happen to live within a hundred miles it is well worth the drive or taxi ride to visit. Bring your camera because if you like old racing cars or old cars in general your time will be spent photographing these beauties from every angle possible! I took my step grand-son and nephew last summer, and the kids and I were totally awed by what Dr. Simeone has done. There are no crowds and you will have the time of your life!
(For those of you from the San Diego area who have seen the old car museum in Balboa Park, that was really nice, but the Simeone Museum is even more impressive.)


On Jan 6, 2010, at 6:53 PM, Bernard Cleyet wrote:

I read a youngun.

Both my '37 Plymouth and beetle (ca. 1960) had manual chokes. My later beetles had thermal canceling auto chokes.

bc, an old timer whose first 'bile was his age and thinks a really (sic) old car is one manufactured before the model A's.

On 2010, Jan 06, , at 12:49, Rauber, Joel wrote:

I don't know if really old cars (say pre-1960) if the manual chokes had to be manually turned-off?

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