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Re: [Phys-l] A geek's observations on "Avatar"

A US Dr. friend told me in France kids are even encouraged to play out in the yard and try out (put in mouth) what ever interested them for the reason cited below. A friend noted I was rather lax about where my fud had been and surmised it kept up my antibodies (ca. 1975). Since the H1N1 hype, I've become obsessive about public door knobs, behaviour that was considered by the MMPPI as "sick" in the fifties. I noted once to my PCP that there wasn't much point in washing hands it a hand was used after to shut off the tap, he agreed. I read (ophthalmic nurses hand book, ca. 1980) the technique is to use the PT if not foot operated. To my surprise one nearby restaurant so instructs in the state mandated plaque to wash after.

bc thinks we've evolved OT and subject. And survived w/ o revenge seven months south of the border (about six countries), but not in Africa (spent two days in the London Tropical Medicine Hospital immediately after arriving from Kenya), and sick twice in Asia (Calcutta and Hong Kong)

p.s. My French father tole me before a "serious" course of antibiotics the meds collect ones shit and feed it afterward (in a capsule) to restore ones bacterial flora. I wonder if this is true, as I think the stomach acid is a bactericide. (This likely from the 30's, just before he emigrated.)

p.p.s. The 5s rule was the subject of a submission to the local science fair (2007) -- being busy grading my assignments I didn't study it beyond noticing the "girl" had used Agar petri to test the contamination vs. various contact times.

On 2010, Jan 05, , at 10:19, Brian Whatcott wrote:

John Clement wrote:
It is amazing how people will be concerned about touching something,
while at the same time eating food dropped on the floor. An MD told me
that patients prefer blood from relatives, but it is usually not as
safe as the blood from the blood bank. /snip/
John M. Clement, 3-D photographer since the 50s
Houston, TX
Even here, the pendulum swings in the matter of antisepsis.
I recently listened to a medical researcher who was astounded to note
the difference in disease rates as between city and country kids - in
serious issues
like asthma and allergies.

It became clear to him that kids with more contact with dirt, and
consequentially with juvenile gastro-intestinal disturbances,
enjoyed very significant health advantages in adult life.
Amusing to hear him mention that when his kid drops food on the floor,
he no longer frustrates the desire to pick it up and swallow it.
A modern version of Mom's five-second rule? :-)

Brian W
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