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Re: [Phys-l] A geek's observations on "Avatar"

Why can't you use them the next time you go to the theatre?
We took 4 glasses the one time we went to a 3-D non Imax movie. As I recall
we asked if it were all right to bring them back and reuse them. But when
we went to the iMax 3-D the old glasses did not work. I finally figures out
that the did work if you turned them around looking through the wrong side.
Just turning them upside down, switching right and left was ineffective.
The company logo and name was the same, but they were made differently.

In the old days they had plane polarized glasses and ghosting was worse if
you didn't keep your head level. In addition the glasses had cardboard
frames and were disposable. I suppose some theaters probably used them
again without telling the patrons. But at that period of time people were
not as concerned with touching something that someone else had also touched.

It is amazing how people will be concerned about touching something, while
at the same time eating food dropped on the floor. An MD told me that
patients prefer blood from relatives, but it is usually not as safe as the
blood from the blood bank. The logic of assessing risks is clearly not used
in everyday life. Europeans have better life expectancy and less concern
with the sorts of things Americans are twinky about. Anyone who worked on a
farm knows that your food has all kinds of "natural" organic materials that
most people consider ichy. The next door farmer in the 50s always filtered
his milk to make sure there were no manure lumps in it before packaging it
for the milk plant!

John M. Clement, 3-D photographer since the 50s
Houston, TX