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Re: [Phys-l] OT: Reflecting on Ethics (was A geek's ... "Avatar")

Rauber, Joel wrote:
The ethical issue to which I allude, perhaps not very clearly, is that
if I lay out my prize possessions,
on a table within my property line, adjacent to a busy street, and pay
no attention to keeping them secure, then I certainly should not be
surprised, nor feel injured, if some young person finds them
irresistible. In colluding to make a stranger's theft easier or less
risky, then certainly the thief is at fault: but I share blame in
the commission of this theft. This is not a difficult or unusual
position. Perhaps the Rice philosopher, who sometimes joins these
discussions could offer
some correction if I err?
Does the same logic apply to the wearing of provocative clothing and sexual crimes
The thought had crossed my mind too.
It seems to me that the police and the judiciary formerly placed too much weight on
the visual attractions of women who were molested. There now seems to be a much
more balanced evaluation of victims in short skirts (where skirts are still worn)
or revealing necklines who complain of abuse.

Still; to return to the topic of petty theft: no matter how loosely guarded those
valuables which are displayed on the property near the sidewalk, a thief
is still a thief.

Brian W