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Re: [Phys-l] A geek's observations on "Avatar"

Great book - neat insights. I hope it's accurate.

Bob at PC

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Subject: Re: [Phys-l] A geek's observations on "Avatar"

That is the point of 1491 -- the only way to have "saved" the Amerindians would a been to delay 1492 five centuries, until vaccination w/ cow pox available, etc. **

**Jenner, 1796 -- other methods in prehistory. (China and India)

bc IERC, it worked (slightly) in reverse, e.g. syphilis

He did!

p.s. An Amazonian people were almost wiped out, tho were vaccinated, recently.

appropriate article?

loads of articles, can't find the one I remember -- in the New Yorker?

creating dinosaurs, à la the movie -- no prob. modern diseases will wipe them out.

On 2010, Jan 06, , at 00:11, John Clement wrote:

Actually, it was inevitable that we would wipe them out when contact was
established. We did try to spread smallpox by giving them "infected"
blankets, but it turns out that such blankets do not really spread the
disease. We can feel guilty for the things we did, but the large effect was
accidental. Heinlein proposed the same idea when Earthlings mingled with

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