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Re: [Phys-L] no more SAT optional essay and subject tests

Can you direct us to some of the examples that are good AND standardized? I don't hear about BOTH too often.

The College Board has their fingers in both the SAT and the AP, no? Would people here say that they're two minor shade of the same color, or are there significant differences in their utility? I realize that they have different goals (acceptance to college vs transfer credit as I understand it), but otherwise are they both flawed from the start because of their parent organization?

Stefan Jeglinski

On 1/19/21 8:46 PM, John Denker via Phys-l wrote:
On 1/19/21 6:36 PM, Anthony Lapinski wrote:

No more SATs? I agree! And ACTs, GREs, etc. I'm not sure what these really
"test" and why they are still in use...

I've said this before, but just to update the context for today's discussion:
— I've seen good standards.
— I've seen good tests.
— I've seen good tests that were standardized.

They just don't resemble the SATs. No resemblance whatsoever.

The CB has brainwashed people to think that their style of testing is
the only way of doing it ... which is just ludicrous.
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