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Re: [Phys-l] T dS versus dQ

Another matter, just alluded, is insulation. Is the temperature sensor* floating in the space near the bottom plate or "tied" to it. It could be measuring the bottom plate's t. instead of the gas above.

*I've already asked about its time constant.

bc doesn't "think much" of that app.

On 2010, Jan 15, , at 08:52, LaMontagne, Bob wrote:

I'll go back and try that on one. We have a dozen setups and I always thought the stiffness was a "feature" to keep everything isothermal :-)

Bob at PC

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Have you tried grease?

I'd replace the shaft w/ an unthreaded one and add a sleeve to the top
plate, so one may even do "mixing" in addition to quasi-adiabatic
compression (rarefaction).

On 2010, Jan 14, , at 21:03, LaMontagne, Bob wrote:

Maybe ours are just stiffer than yours to turn.