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Re: [Phys-l] Hybrid mileage

That's the man. Atul Gawande. Son of Indian Immigrants.
45 years old.
New Yorker columnist, Political activist too by all accounts.
He has a medical degree. And a public health degree.
He works at Brigham and Women's at Boston, not Mass General....

There again, he does teach at Harvard Medical School.
Wrote a book on virtue-based ethics
( Some cardinal surgical virtues in his view:
diligence, doing right, and ingenuity)
McArthur Award winner.
Rhodes Scholar at Balliol.
Papers in NE J of Med

What a guy!

Brian W
Short Wiki Bio here:

Bernard Cleyet wrote:
Perhaps this is to what you refer:

Written version:

includes link to the article.

bc subscriber to the New Yorker.

On 2010, Jan 06, , at 17:48, Brian Whatcott wrote:

Marty's note triggered my memory of a recent radio talk by a Harvard medical school teacher who has done some work on cost effectiveness comparisons in American Health care Systems.
His anecdote concerned an evaluation of why health care costs in one Texas town were among the highest in the Country. There was honest puzzlement expressed by the indigenous physicians there, as to his analysis of causes.