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Re: [Phys-L] [External] Now, now; let's be civil. Was Re: Ex: Re: media trustworthiness, or lack thereof (was VSL)

This leftist political BS has nothing to do with Physics. Please take it to another site.

Bob at PC
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Subject: [External] [Phys-L] Now, now; let's be civil. Was Re: Ex: Re: media trustworthiness, or lack thereof (was VSL)

Wrong, he apologized, and I, if younger, woulda replied similarly. More correctly, sometimes I am intemperate.

I’m in the JM, JD crowd, but ...

On 2021/Feb/08, at 10:40, John Mallinckrodt <> wrote:

who completely abandoned any effort to address a raging pandemic ...

was not the success of “Warp Speed” due to the Twerp? (I’ve received the first Moderna “jab” and in the not better state.)

bc … If he’s read correctly, thinks that and getting outa Afghanistan are Twerp’s only good policies.

And yes we are lucky his incompetence, WRT Covid, etc. was what, I think, enabled JB's win. And I’ve read that we are lucky he’s so incompetent, as he could have overthrown our “democracy”. [1]

BTW, some elected democrats inherit failures of the previous republican, viz., FDR, Clinton, Obama, and Joe B. For FDR it was an opportunity, but Clinton failed, I think because he as “new Labour” thought to win must out republican the republicans. Obama’s stimulus was too weak. [2] I’t’s obvious JB has learned from the predecessors. Another example: Much earlier he attacked the entitlements (social security).;;sdata=Jg5WXOKMnmVxnfSVWXtFhc83Zjpty3XTnmESbaTDe98%3D&amp;reserved=0 <;;sdata=Jg5WXOKMnmVxnfSVWXtFhc83Zjpty3XTnmESbaTDe98%3D&amp;reserved=0>

[1] The scare quotes, because we don’t have a democracy, and never will, because the constitution was written by the wealthy, and slave owners. Well, similarly maybe if the SCOTUS was packed W/Sanders types, perhaps, but unlikely permanent. Making DC and Puerto Ricco states will improve our democracy.

[2];;sdata=IzG%2FUavwUAdNAZGYKfpMNuhTUCachYwpnJNfaAiG6o8%3D&amp;reserved=0 <;;sdata=IzG%2FUavwUAdNAZGYKfpMNuhTUCachYwpnJNfaAiG6o8%3D&amp;reserved=0> and:;;sdata=rKNnXAox7h6hj4nVEyvaoQ3zaFe21LsTRK4lw%2BiruKo%3D&amp;reserved=0 <;;sdata=4srwe0iESq47htGaZfIl67Y2XL5TtNd4myPTDpdUYA8%3D&amp;reserved=0>

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