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Re: [Phys-L] Finally ... normalized (by population) data, and Andorra

More on the logistic function.

On 4/13/2020 10:54 AM, David Bowman wrote:
One problem with a logistic function, being the simplest function that has exponential growth at the left side end and exponential decay to an upper bound at the right side end, is that both the left side exponential growth and right side exponential decay necessarily have the *same* exponential rate.
David Bowman
Thanks to your critical treatment of the logistic fit approach, I was triggered to DO something, since the upper bound was stepping up every day AFTER the day that the daily case rate peaked. With some days of data in hand post peak,  it was the work of a few minutes to run the nonlinear fit to the case data including only the data for days at and after the peak day. And yes - the upper bound jumped to a new appreciably higher level, which does not seem to need daily gardening. Thanks

Brian w