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[Phys-L] Finally ... normalized (by population) data, and Andorra

Phys-lers and others!

The above claims: “… while adjusting for population may show the relative strain on a country, the growth of the virus should be independent of the size of the country.”

Continuing: "And here’s why these numbers aren’t adjusted for population:

Normalised numbers are good at showing *relatively* how much strain a country is under, but they’re unsuited to tracking the extent/state of a country’s outbreak, which spreads at ~same pace regardless of country size.”

bc wonders if true in Andorra.

It appears to be arithmetic:

See graph at end of article, which I have just KaleidaGraphed here:

Finally! I’ve plotted cases wherein the better fit is logistic —considerably better than a simple exponential. (Thanks to Brian W.) Deaths next.

Intuitively, I think the proportion of cases to total infections is higher in Andorra than nearly all the other countries. However, this is belied by the high death rate. 29/638 ~= 4.5%.