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Re: [Phys-L] "Electric current" does not mean "electron flow"

No, the goal is to show silica is a non conductor, because it doesn't disassociate, or contain ions, but could it act like v. pure water which also disassociates, hence the 10^-14????

I showed, unconvincingly, that silica is indeed a poor conductor compared to borosilicate and soda lime glasses, here:

bc thinks he's already posted this.

On 2012, Dec 23, , at 08:17, John Denker wrote:

If the goal is to exhibit positive current, please forget what I
said about electrolysis. A better example is copper electroplating

The current consists of Cu++ ions. The experiment is harder to set
up than the electrolysis experiment ... but the interpretation is
much simpler.

A reference is

... but don't bother with pre-1983 pennies. Copper wire is nearly
pure copper, and works fine. Use a coil of wire to achieve a large
surface area.
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