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Re: [Phys-l] Premed Requirements Commentary

Hi all-
I think that Paul makes a good point. Maybe the fauculty should establish a rule that anyone who offers an opinion during the first week should be disqualified from voting on the final proposal.
A further point, implicit in Paul's comments. Whose opinions should be solicited on the subject of pre-med course design?
In keeping with the above first paragraph, I'll think about my answer to the question for at least 24 hours.

On Tue, 19 Sep 2006, Paul Lulai wrote:

I respectfully submit two points:

First; asking former graduates that have succeeded in their planned
future may not be an adequate method to determine if instruction or
methodologies were appropriate.

Second; imagine a meeting in which all faculty are in one large room to
address the president/principal's 15 concerns of the day. At the
meeting, the president lists each concern & the proposed solution. I
don't think many would be able to concentrate throughout the 2 hour
If the president poses an issue & asks for you to:
Determine a potential solution,
Discuss your solution w/ a colleague,...

Then add 3-5 more meetings with a variety of administrators each day for
3-5 days of the week.

I believe we would leave with a greater understanding of the president's
concerns & solutions if the meeting followed the second format.

After reviewing some previous posts, I put forth a reasonable effort to
avoid the initials f.c.i.

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