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[Phys-l] Notes and national character?

I marvelled (in 1989) that Hungary has Liszt on one of its notes and for France its 50 is San Tex. But only now notice:

UK £ 1, N; £ 10, Darwin; £ 20, Faraday. Of course, they change w/ new printing, but these are what I have. [The newest £ 10 is Dickens.] Obverse is, of course, the reigning monarch.

I also have a 1k Zlotych (1982) w/ Kopernik obverse and solar system schematic reverse. The 1993 20 F. is Claude Debussy, and the 500 (1994) Marie C. in front of Pierre. The reverse is a Chem. lab. and a schematic atom.

I wonder how many US citizens know we have at least two scientists, only one well known for that.

bc, who didn't save any Euros, as not interesting.