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[Phys-l] Interesting comment

I stole this from the web page of a journal called the District Administrator. I think is gives one pause for thought.

The amount of energy and resources spent to serve the "Feel Good" movement in education (aka, doing what we have done for years, who cares if it works or not movement!) is astonishing. Why have the programmers for the various video games figured out how to best attract young people? The formula is this: 1-Ask each player to identify him or herself, without regard for background; 2-Allow each player to move ahead, rewarding success and being supportive in failure; 3-When designated success levels are achieved: reward, recognize and celebrate the success; 4-When the player fails, stay at the level of the game, don't regress, and ask if support is needed (via the shortcut or extra points route), 5-Achievement of the stage or expertise is celebrated again; 6-Feedback is always timely and constructive. Now, many of our educators perform in this manner but each child is not always privy to these conditions. Have we ever asked why distant education and elearning are exploding in popularity and support?

Posted by: Ron Canuel Director General of the Eastern Townships School Board, Montreal Canada.



Joseph J. Bellina, Jr. Ph.D.
Professor of Physics
Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, IN 46556