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Re: [Phys-l] Premed Requirements Commentary

I respectfully submit two points:

First; asking former graduates that have succeeded in their planned
future may not be an adequate method to determine if instruction or
methodologies were appropriate.

Second; imagine a meeting in which all faculty are in one large room to
address the president/principal's 15 concerns of the day. At the
meeting, the president lists each concern & the proposed solution. I
don't think many would be able to concentrate throughout the 2 hour
If the president poses an issue & asks for you to:
Determine a potential solution,
Discuss your solution w/ a colleague,...

Then add 3-5 more meetings with a variety of administrators each day for
3-5 days of the week.

I believe we would leave with a greater understanding of the president's
concerns & solutions if the meeting followed the second format.

After reviewing some previous posts, I put forth a reasonable effort to
avoid the initials f.c.i.

Paul Lulai
Physics Instructor & Online Learning Coordinator
Saint Anthony Village Senior High School, ISD 282
3303 33rd Avenue N.E.
Saint Anthony Village, MN 55418

(w) 612-706-1144
(fax) 612-706-1140