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Re: Evolution Returns to Kansas

Dear Brian et al.,

A week ago today the Kansas State Board of Education voted to adopt K-12
science standards that included evolution. Some quite interesting papers on
this controversy were presented at the AAAS annual meeting that was held in
San Francisco from Thursday of last week through Tuesday of this week.

I published a commentary on the issue entitled "Science Teaching as a
Subversive Activity", and also one on "Science Education and the Dilemma of
High-Stakes Testing". They can be found at:


Dr. Mark H. Shapiro
Editor and Publisher
The Irascible Professor

-----Original Message-----
From: brian whatcott
Sent: 2/21/01 5:44 PM
Subject: Evolution Returns to Kansas

In Kansas the scholastic material selectors are gracefully
reconsidering the evolution doctrine and permitting the
selection of texts dealing with evolutionary theory,
or so I hear on NPR.

brian whatcott <> Altus OK