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Re: Evolution Returns to Kansas

Although I have only been a Kansan for a couple of years, I feel some need
to defend the state.

In Kansas the scholastic material selectors are gracefully
reconsidering the evolution doctrine and permitting the
selection of texts dealing with evolutionary theory,
or so I hear on NPR.

All the state board really did was set the standards for state-wide testing
of students. So "removing" evolution meant it was removed from the state
exams. Schools were still free to buy texts which covered evolution, and
were still free to teach evolution. The only real implication was that
students who "wasted time" studying evolution had less time to cover the
"important" material (i.e. stuff on the test.) So students' (and schools')
test scores would presumably drop relative to peers who studied the "right"

I know some instructors almost liked the policy, because it made evolution
"forbidden" and hence more intriguing to their teenage charges.

Tim Folkerts