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Re: [Phys-l] Climate skeptic convinced by data. Was: Re: Mike Mann _The hockey

First: I never claimed GM had paid back -- my referred article specifically wrote:

"Back in August 2010, I wrote that GM would need to be worth $69 billion in order for the U.S. to recoup its investment. Based on its current market capitalization of $42.5 billion, GM stock needs to rise another 62% to $43.84 before the U.S. gets back the money it provided to keep GM running."

and this is in the first page!

On 2012, Feb 21, , at 04:09, LaMontagne, Bob wrote:

For some smoke and mirrors regarding this "payback"

I see; a clearly capitalist enterprise is exhibiting typical capitalist behaviour, i.e. trumpeting the superiority of capitalism, so what?

and for a reference from an unquestionably liberal source (read down to the last two lines)

When I suggested, "Bob has, evidently, not been reading the newspapers recently." I meant recently -- his referenced article (LA Times) is

more than two years old.

Furthermore, the "LA Times" is not a liberal source -- a liberal source would be, for example, "Mother Jones" or "In These Times".

Bob at PC
(I don't follow the "some would rather the unemployed, just, die" shot. Rather asinine. A healthy, competitive economy does not have 9% unemployment.)

This [healthy economy] is an analytic statement, and, therefore, in this context, meaningless. Furthermore, an economy need not be competitive to have < 9% unemployment.

Finally, The attitudes of the religious right wing and other capitalists' attitude, if instituted, would result in an increased death rate of the poor.

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On 2012, Feb 20, , at 20:34, LaMontagne, Bob wrote:

GM's punishment for engineered obsolescence was bankruptcy - only the intervention of a union oriented administration is keeping its rotting corpse alive at the expense of all the rest of us who could use that money to privately invest in Ford or other productive companies.

Bob has, evidently, not been reading the newspapers recently.

bc thinks: better to prop up a firm than to add to the unemployment insurance.

p.s. Of course, some would rather the unemployed, just, die.