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Re: [Phys-l] Climate skeptic convinced by data. Was: Re: Mike Mann _The hockey stick and the climate wars_


I haven't read all the posts carefully so may be duplicative --


The year of no Summer in Britain. (Krakatoa?) Was there no Summer WW? Of course I suspect the aerosols and smoke would have a deleterious health effect. (unless confined to the stratosphere?)

I have an unread book that claims climate is affected by the solar wind and has correlated it. [IIRC]

A negative feedback -- increased ocean temp. increased clouds and albedo -- the climatologist have "factored" this in their models?

Regarding the effect -- a die off of humans beginning soon (30 years?**), then increased flora to return to "normal" temp. within a few millennia?

A repeat won't happen, as all the carbonaceous fuel will be spent.


** Already a few hundred thousand. Malvinas cabinet meeting underwater.

On 2012, Feb 18, , at 14:38, Hugh Haskell wrote:

At 1:33 PM -0700 2/18/12, John Denker wrote:

I'm sorry to pick out one sentence that I don't entirely agree
with, but here goes:

it is probable that at least much of the
change can be mitigated by increasing the earth's albedo, which is a
bit of geoengineering that we can do and probably can control.

The "control" part is still open to question.

I don't disagree with JD's quibble about my comment on albedo change
as a controllable bit of geoengineering. I probably should have use
the adjective "possible" instead of probable. In general, I am not a
fan of the approach to solving the problem by geoengineering. It is a
dangerous game and controlling it will probably be more difficult
that anyone realizes.