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[Phys-l] Mike Mann _The hockey stick and the climate wars_

Hi Folks --

Mike Mann has another book coming out March 6th:
_The hockey stick and the climate wars_
_Dispatches from the front lines_

Also there is an amusing writeup on this in today's Guardian:

They say in part:
Mann's story of what he calls the climate wars, the fight by powerful
entrenched interests to undermine and twist the science meant to
guide government policy, starts to seem pretty much on the money.

A video of Mike Mann giving a colloquium at Mount Holyoke is at
The audio there is good, but the video of the slides is terrible. On the
third hand, you can get pristine copies of (mostly) the same slides here:

All this is tangentially related to the recent exposé of documents from the
Heartland Institute.

The Guardian has been covering it:

The US media have been kinda slow on the uptake, but some of them are starting
to cover it.

I reckon folks who have been following this list know most of the story, but
it is nice to have some references to give when we get a question from somebody
who wants to get up to speed for the first time or who wants a refresher.