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I went out at about midnight and saw the comet. I turned off all the lights
in my house, walked out on the front porch, and looked for the big dipper.
I saw the comet best in my peripheral vision while looking toward the
dipper, but I could also see it when I looked directly at it. It was sort
of like a fuzzy star (about one-third the size of the moon. My next door
neighbor (200 meters away) has a security light -- the only light within
half a mile of my house. I held up my overcoat to shield my eyes from her
light, but did not wait for my eyes to adjust.

Tom Russ
to give you an idea of my light pollution conditions:
viewing from home 5 miles North of Pine Mountain, GA(population 1,000)
15 miles South of LaGrange, GA, population 60,000.
30 miles North of Columubus, GA, population 250,000)
I definitely favor regulations to prevent light pollution.