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Re: Comet

Here's a little more on my report yesterday about viewing the comet
from the Boston area. I viewed it through 8x56 binoculars in a region
of the sky that was so brightly lit by city lights that no stars were
visible to the naked eye. The comet itself was a fuzzy blob about the
size of the moon with no apparent tail, although a tail would've been
difficult to see with the light pollution. I'm back in far western
Maryland now, where the sky is darker than south of Boston. If the
weather clears this weekend (I hope), I'll go out and look for it here.
I'll send a report of what I see.
For those who are associated with amateur astronomy groups, I'll
repeat something from my earlier post. Our local group (the Cumberland
Astronomy Club) is hosting some comet watches (weather permitting) next
week on the Frostburg State University campus. We had great success
with Jupiter watches during the SL-9 impacts a couple of years ago,
and I hope we'll have some visitors this time.

Steve Luzader
Frostburg State University