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Re: comet

I live within the city limits of Portland, Oregon (known as a MAJOR light
polluter) and was able to stand in my backyard with security lights on in
all the neighbors yards, only 50 or so stars visible in the northern
hemisphere, and I could EASILY spot the comet. I think I might have
found it without knowing where to look. It appeared to have a bright
center and a fuzzy outline about 1/3 the diameter of the moon. Could not
see a tail.

My wife and I took a short drive out to a more rural location, refused
the help of the police car that checked us out, and waited for a cloud to
roll by. But the view was really no better than in our yard. We plan to
go somewhere truly dark tomorrow night and away from city lights.


David J. Hamilton, Ed.D. "And gladly wolde he lerne,
Franklin HS, Portland, OR and gladly teche." Geoffrey Chaucer