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National Science Education Standards Online

Here's an unsolicited educationalist advert that may be of interest to high
school physics and grade school science teachers.

Recently I received a flyer from TeamLabs (the people who bought and are now
developing and selling the IBM PSL MBL -- lots of acronyms here) about the
new NSES. In addition, I received some private email from some preservice
science teachers requesting information about NSES.

Unlike _Project 2061_ and most other National Science Education standards, NSES
has done what I think is the right thing by putting a good chunk of their
literature online so teachers and other educational practitioners can at
least read it without having to order and pay for it. The NSES literature
is available at

Check these out if you are so inclined. Back to the comet,

Dan M

'Thought is not merely expressed in words; it comes into existence through them'
- Lev S Vygotsky, Thought and Language Ch 7
Dan MacIsaac Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics