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Re: [Phys-L] 21st-century forum format

Esosoft sounds affordable, but I am leery of having my own web site and being hacked, malware, etc. Also doesn't sound too efficient to keep interrupting your email text with a URL every time you want an equation or plot.

What I would most like, as an improvement to what we already have, is the ability to:

1) Be able to paste equations in standard mathematical notation directly into our emails
2) Be able to paste plots directly into our emails

I have experimented with both of these items in MS Office 365 using Word's equation editor and Excel's plotting ability. I copied the equations and plot, pasted them into an Outlook email (HTML format), and sent the email to myself and received it in Outlook. Worked OK. Also worked OK using MS Mail to send and receive. Of course, won't work at all with plain text email.

I don't know anything about blogs, so I can't comment on their advantages versus the effort/cost to create and maintain one. Nor can I estimate the (smaller?) effort/cost involved in changing to email in HTML format from plain text.

However, receiving email from the list capable of (1) and (2) above would be very beneficial from my point of view.

Don Polvani

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On 2021/Jun/08, at 15:29, John Denker via Phys-l <>

On 6/8/21 12:52 PM, Marx, David via Phys-l wrote:

I, for one, would like to see the list move into the 21st century. As
potential issues arise, we could rely on moderation.

Continuing down that road, one could imagine converting to an
out-and-out blog.

I considered that and decided it would be too much work (learning) for my aged
mind. Instead a friend created my index page, and pointed me to esosoft.

Why don’t all the members of this list have a web site? Even I afford it.

bc originally had a friend create to park files for others to have.

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