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[Phys-L] HTML Format?

To date I have received zero replies to the HTML format question below.
Would someone (Dan MacIsaac or John Denker or ???) please reply? If we
could write equations in an equation editor and paste them into a listserve
HTML email, the equation would be easier to type and easier to grasp
immediately. Did the choice to use plain text come from security reasons,
ease of implementation, cost, universality of ability to receive or ??? Do
these same reasons hold now?


Don Polvani

-----Original Message-----
From: Don <>
Sent: Sunday, June 6, 2021 5:22 PM
To: <>
Subject: HTML Format?

Sometime ago I recall conversations about why HTML format was not a wise
choice for this listserve. However, I don't recall the reasons why HTML
format is not desirable on the list and would appreciate hearing those
reasons/reason again. The advantage I see to HTML format, after my simple
Word equation editor experiment in pasting mathematical notation into
listserve messages, is that the mathematical notation would be preserved in
HTML format but isn't in plain text. Is security against malware or viruses
the main reason? Or???

Don Polvani