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Re: [Phys-L] AC power calculations

On 2021/Feb/22, at 14:01, John Denker via Phys-l < <>> wrote:

Some emendations and elaborations:

2) In particular, what about the motor-start capacitors

I don’t think they are across the 120 or 240, no? <>

OTOH being in series W/an L may be worse! The L “cancelling" the C’s reactance.

After I finish looking for a lost source, I’ll report on the spectrum from the mushrooms.

Question: will two electrolytics back to back work as a non-polarized cap? I presume a non-p. is made by forming the insulating oxide? coating on both plates. Which reminds me WARNING nostalgia: back when I was in the sixth grade I charged a home made lead acid battery, first W/ a 5U4,(That was a bit slow.) then a big cell made of a baking soda electrolyte, aluminum anode, and carbon rod cathode. The rod was from a number 6 cell. (Wow, I almost wrote battery; I never woulda thought that then.)

bc … stands corrected he tried

several HV caps. 1 kV & + finally to verify well connected added a 1k Ω 1/4 W or 1/8 in series, After a few moments thought better, and used a 2 W 1.5 kΩ. Afterwards the 1k is about 0.6 k and the 1.5 is 1.56 k (is a 5%) (both carbon) More W/1.5 k according to the kill a watt: 5 W; 0.06 A; 120.5 V; 0.63 PF, and 8 VA. not very accurate (7.23 VA & 0.63 X = 4.55 W) but gets the point. Also to resistor may have change value. Shoulda measured, also, before he “experiment”. May have been better, as the A very low resolution.