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[Phys-L] The Swedes eat lotsa mushrooms.

BUT not from the East side of the road through the forest West of Sandvik.

Now years from Chernobyl the ones I collected are still 5X background, as measured using an LND 723 tube.[1] My host, a semi-pro. mycologist [2], told me the fall-out was so well defined the ones on the other side of the road are “clean”. I failed to collect some of them.

bc … reminded of the jam my Polish student worker (UCSC) brought back from vacation. Quite “hot" (NaI and MCA). I now regret not asking for it. He, of course, threw it out.

[1] I’ve a xtal detector and MCA, sooo… soon.
[2] The docs. and hospital call on him to identify the mushrooms suspected of poisoning a collector. He and wife have published books on mushrooms and on dyeing W/mushrooms. Was an engineer futurologist at Sandviken, previously W/Bofors (Nobel’s company) in Karlskoga.