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[Phys-L] valuable reference

Hi --

I've said this before, but I'll say it again: Everybody
on this list should read the Feynman Lectures on Physics.
If you haven't read it recently, it's worth re-reading.

You can read it online for free:

If you don't understand every word, that's OK ... but
you should at least skim it and remember what topics
are discussed.

The poster child for today is transmission lines. I think
you will like Feynman's explanations, but even if you
don't, you should at least remember that waveguides exist,
transmission lines exist, coax exists, twin-lead exists,
et cetera. You should recognize that the "big circuit"
we have been discussing is an example of twin-lead.

Once you recognize it for what it is, you can find all
the details you want by googling.


There are two layers worth paying attention to:
-- Physics: What is he explaining?
-- Pedagogy: Why is he explaining it in this way?

IMHO he explains things with quite a bit of style and
panache. He cares about the unity and the grandeur of
physics, and is not shy about pointing that out.