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Re: [Phys-L] big circuit

For those like me who are thinking about this problem, this video is better
in my opinion. It is more straightforward:

Here is what Feynman says on this:

I found these articles:

Energy flow from a battery to other circuit elements: Role of surface
Manoj K. Harbola
AJP 78, 1203 (2010)

Poynting vector flow in a circular circuit
Basil S. Davis and Lev Kaplan
AJP 79, 1155 (2011)

Visualizing Poynting vector energy flow in electric circuits
Noah A. Morris and Daniel F. Styer
AJP 80, 552 (2012)

When we teach about simple circuits and energy flow we say that the flow of
charge is the flow of energy. We never discuss the Poynting vector,
except to define it and state how it describes the energy flow for a light
wave. We do not link the Poynting vector to energy flow in a simple
Can the energy flow of the Poynting vector flow in the same direction as
the energy flow of the charge?

- JZ
Gerald Zani
Senior Engineering Technician
Brown University School of Engineering
(401) 863-9571