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Re: [Phys-L] Half-Life measurement

Alas On 10/13/21 12:03 PM, I wrote some complete nonsense:

I haven't done a proper quantitative fit, but an eyeball fit
suggests that the baseline is considerably above the background,
up around 0.2 events per second. Or am I mistaken about that???

This is a big deal, because the curve fit routine must cope with
the baseline, no matter where that's coming from, background or
otherwise. And the baseline is high enough to be seriously annoying.

That's 100% gibberish.

I dyslexified 0.2 versus 2.0.

If (hypothetically) the baseline had been up around 2.0
then (hypothetically) we would have a problem, but in
fact it isn't and we don't.

In fact the data is consistent with baseline = background.

Sorry for the noise.