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[Phys-L] This is on list: Re: tourniquet

A recent article (I may search for it later.) in, likely, the “The New Yorker”. wrote how teachers and students are the first responders; that they must be taught how to improvise a tourniquet, if ones are not stocked in the school; that to prevent many deaths the bleed must be stopped almost immediately, etc. etc.


On 4/7/2020 10:47 PM, John Denker via Phys-l wrote:
A lockdown is like a tourniquet:

— It can be applied quickly. No great skill needed.
— It is temporary. You still need skilled surgery, REAL SOON.
— Even while it is saving your life, it causes injury.

A lockdown is crude, clumsy and costly. It cannot be
continued for long. So the question is, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

To suppress the disease without a lockdown requires a
complex multi-step process. Alas, AFAICT *none* of the
required steps are properly in place now, and we are
not even on a path to put them in place.

This is murder.
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