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Re: [Phys-L] tourniquet

On 4/7/2020 10:47 PM, John Denker via Phys-l wrote:
A lockdown is like a tourniquet:

— It can be applied quickly. No great skill needed.
— It is temporary. You still need skilled surgery, REAL SOON.
— Even while it is saving your life, it causes injury.

A lockdown is crude, clumsy and costly. It cannot be
continued for long. So the question is, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

To suppress the disease without a lockdown requires a
complex multi-step process. Alas, AFAICT *none* of the
required steps are properly in place now, and we are
not even on a path to put them in place.

This is murder.
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Meanwhile, on the LEFT coast, the governor has reported that a consortium of non-profits has arranged a manufacturer with contacts to generate fifty million face-masks a month NOW, etcetera, etcetera - It's a nation-state after all (mentioning several impressive talk points about the Californian economy) - so that I was ready to lift him up to where I had placed General Todd Semonite who gave another encouraging interview today to the media, personifying disaster command presence:  about instant fit-outs of fever hospitals for the next beleaguered state - New Jersey - who are suffering grievously at present.
But then Governor Gavin Newsom (Calif) casually mentioned the word - "Made in China"  -  and I hit reality again with a bang.

 Of COURSE China - that's whither manufacturing has migrated.
 Sorry, I got on a tear: I wanted to say that there is a good chance that our self-applied tourniquets will hold back our life-blood until the cavalry gallops in with a palliative, or a potent mix of this and that - a vaccine even. I AM seeing a sustained turn down of the logistic which wants to level at 2000 cases or so for Oklahoma at 4M pop., - which scales to only 200,000 cases for the country, just as the redoubtable Anthony S Fauci M.D suggested.  Oh wait: Anthony is forecasting that many deaths - if we do everything right. Ah well: back to the drawing board.
Brian w