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Re: [Phys-L] [ext] Re: Awareness and the Most Vulnerable Coronavirus Population

Agreed! I did not subscribe to this list as "a culture list populated by physicists" but to share ideas about physics teaching, ideas to stimulate and inspire students in our classes, and cool physics stuff. If presented with the opportunity to subscribe to "soc.culture.physicists" I would regretfully, but firmly, decline.


Sorry for the brief answers, but our transition to online classes is eating up all our time! ☹

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We should stick to physics teaching as that's what this list is for and what people on it want. That's why we're here. Off topic discussions take away from that, and raise all sorts of arguments. I;m not sure why the moderator does not take more control when this happens.

On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 4:08 AM bernard cleyet via Phys-l <> wrote:

On 2020/Apr/05, at 20:06, Anthony Lapinski <> wrote:

there's really nothing else we should be talking about here at this time.
Just my thoughts. Curious what others think...

I think we need a culture list that is populated by physicists. One
of the main reasons I like phys-l is that it has permitted somewhat
off list posts.

I was kicked off tap-l twice, the second time banned forever. The
first time I clashed w/ the previous list owner regarding the success
of a US fighter. which, IIRC, he claimed won the war. I pointed out
that the Soviet army essentially won the war when they won the battle
of Kursk, which was before the Normandy invasion. Later a poster
asked for equipment donations for the Boy Scouts. I posted that I
would not do, so as they were a homophobic organization. That was the
last straw. As you all, I assume know, the BSA has filed chapter 11,
to protect themselves from abuse claims. This is, I think, an example of Freud’s reaction formation.

One question I have regarding Bill’s claim that homosexually oriented
persons are more vulnerable to covid, why?

bc. one of the more guilty of posting “off list”. BTW, he’s added
more to his covid site, and expects to do some major date upping, as
about a week has passed since...

And regarding JD’s importance of unknown cases: ”As many as half of
those with the coronavirus could be asymptomatic, Fauci says.”

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