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[Phys-L] Awareness and the Most Vulnerable Coronavirus Population

A. OK Phys-L folks, it’s been four days since my posting about homosexuality and the coronavirus - and the following has transpired:
1. It has been strongly suggested that I have overstepped my bounds and might be needing to take a break.
2. It has been strongly suggested and seconded that I have posted my information in the wrong place. (But Tap-L has long urged us to post off-topic items on Phys-L, and that is what I have done.)
3. It has been suggested that I am bringing forth some good points.
4. No one has suggested whether statistics might exist for the incidence of coronavirus infections/deaths among homosexual persons.
B. Because of all of this I am asking the following questions:
1. Why would it not be appropriate for me to post my info on Phys-L, when much other information about the coronavirus has already been posted on Phys-L?
2. How could it be conscionable to post virtually everywhere, including on Phys-L, coronavirus information for especially vulnerable demographics, but to exclude the homosexuals who comprise the most vulnerable demographic?
3. Do you believe that the very posting of my information on Phys-L could directly or indirectly save a few lives?
4. Do you believe that if my information were posted ONLY within an “appropriate” venue, then it would be safe to believe that all Phys-L subscribers possibly needing it would stumble upon it?
5. Having read and understood my information, would it be your practice to refrain from mentioning it to someone whose life you realize could be saved because of access to that information?
C. By the way, I have re-written my earlier posting so that it is gentler, more insightful, more comprehensive and more easily understood.
D. Best Wishes for Best Health!
Bill Norwood

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