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Re: [Phys-L] [External] corvid-19 graphed


Non-China data is fascinating - practically exponential. Please keep providing your graphs.

Stay well -

Bob at PC
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Subject: [External] [Phys-L] corvid-19 graphed

Phys-l'ers and friends! (Bcc’d)

I have begun my analysis of, well .. just graphing of data, our crisis.

Here it is:;;sdata=fEkHdJlf%2BzQ4a3s3MWpas1M%2FMGm9%2BT2uij04RnBfcA8%3D&amp;reserved=0 As more data is posted by the WHO, I'll date up.

bc is searching for Calif. data in order to predict ours, close to home. [1] And post.

p.s. Soon I’ll (Nancy also) hunker down, as we both have heightened risk. (14% mortality for those over 80, and bc has an underlying lung disease.)

[1] Scenarios: Newsom"s, more restrictive (S. Korea [2], Italy), any other I think of, or is suggested. My intuition is the CA peak will come in May, because of "flattening of the curve” — you’ve all read that, N’est pas? I pray for that, so I won’t be triaged to death.

[2] The upside of dungeon PRK!
Forum for Physics Educators;;sdata=QglwlXtdP6hVIEPC28VscsKjR6H1ITeNTKGsMaWA5ro%3D&amp;reserved=0

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