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Re: [Phys-L] LC circuit simulation

2014-08-06 16:13 GMT-03:00, Bernard Cleyet <>:
Returning to the original (DS) enquiry, Eisberg and Lerner consume over 50
pp. on RC, LC, and RLC circuitry. Numerically and analytically.

are you speaking about;

Physics: Foundations and Applications
Eisberg, Robert M., Lerner, Lawrence S.
Editorial: McGraw-Hill Inc.,US, 1981

I will try to find/buy one

Crummer discussed recently (PHYS-L).

I was searching in Phys-L archives and dont find any reference to
crummer (only in 1989)

In a long run the current goes to 0 and half the energy is loss. That
kind of simulations do not "conserve energy”.


if you simulate an LC circuit in sceptre it will eventually stop.

I compared the Crummer and JD’s over 50 cycles (harmonic oscillator) and
found little (none, IIRC). There are other AJP articles including one
that has a simple “time saver”. It finds the speed to adjust the step
size, thus improving efficacy (time and accuracy function)

do you have a reference for that article?

**** e.g. Eric Ayers at Chico State; IIRC, is writing the text for his

It seems that his server have an error, I wrote him.

Thanks a lot!