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Re: [Phys-L] LC circuit simulation

Returning to the original (DS) enquiry, Eisberg and Lerner consume over 50 pp. on RC, LC, and RLC circuitry. Numerically and analytically.

They use the half Euler tho it appears to be a combo Crummer and half. The Crummer discussed recently (PHYS-L).

On 2014, Aug 05, , at 20:04, Diego Saravia <> wrote:

I am using an old numerical simulation program called SCEPTRE to
simulate a serial LC circuit plus a DC battery. (without R)

done above.

In a long run the current goes to 0 and half the energy is loss. That
kind of simulations do not "conserve energy”.


Do anyone here knows how to use other programs as SPICE? How SPICE or
other programs handle this case?

See JD’s current and previous posts.

I compared the Crummer and JD’s over 50 cycles (harmonic oscillator) and found little (none, IIRC). There are other AJP articles including one that has a simple “time saver”. It finds the speed to adjust the step size, thus improving efficacy (time and accuracy function)

bc, pleased to have lived in the both the ages of the analogue computer simulations and digital computer, and does recommend reading Eisberg, it’s very complete with numerical exercises, etc.
ps. A number of institutions have numerical modeling courses***, tho they, after a cursory look at Euler, use considerably more sophisticated (difficult) methods. "Numerical Recipes" includes C and Fortran versions (disk accessary)

**** e.g. Eric Ayers at Chico State; IIRC, is writing the text for his class.

Thank you very much

Diego Saravia
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