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[Phys-L] System Dynamics and Feedback Control

Beginning in the mid-90s, I used STELLA software (isee Systems) in parallel
with Modeling Instruction to teach HS students to simulate physical systems
with non-constant masses or accelerations (think rockets or more
traditional projectiles with air resistance). It was reasonably successful
in giving them a glimpse into how the feedback of changing velocities,
masses, and positions affected the flight of these objects.

As I recall, we modeled orbital systems and some special cases (collisions
between a golf club and golf ball to match trajectories with video shot
independently of the STELLA simulation). The software is pricey, but very
intuitive, and we had a small grant to cover a site license.

Jeffrey J. Steinert
11th Grade Team Leader
Physics Instructor
NHS Adviser
Arizona School for the Arts
1410 N 3rd St Phoenix, AZ 85004
*P* 602-257-1444 *C* 602-733-3370 *F* 602-252-7795