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Re: [Phys-L] Edu Videos

This thread tees up a fundamental issue.

The #1 axiom of the advertising industry is,
"The sizzle sells the steak."

I'm not opposed to sizzle. It is a tool, and like any other tool, it
can be used for good purposes or bad.

At the next level of detail, there are four possibilities to consider:

A: Good wholesome steak, B: Good wholesome steak,
with lots of sizzle. but no sizzle.

C: Nasty rotten steak, D: Nasty rotten steak,
with deceptively attractive sizzle. with no sizzle.

Scenario C is what gives fraudulent advertising a bad name.
Scenario B is what gives nerds a bad name.

My point is simple: Starting from scenario B, we should not make a
diagonal move to scenario C. There is another possibility, namely
scenario A. With the same amount of effort that went into applying
sizzle to the wrong physics, we could apply just as much sizzle to
the right physics!

To understand teaching requires a Venn diagram:
*) Knowing the physics is not enough.
*) Madison Avenue sizzle is not enough.
*) You need both.

BTW the same goes for politicians: Some have lots of sizzle, and
some have lots of good public policy. You want to find somebody who
has both!

When you see a video, you should analyze it twice: once for style,
and once for content. If the video is using good style to sell bad
content, you can admire the style, and you can even learn from it
... but you should not buy the bad content.

Instead, use what you've learned about style. Use it to sell the
righteous content.