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Re: [Phys-L] Inference Lab Design

On 2012, Aug 20, , at 08:36, Turner, Jacob wrote:

I'm not familiar with the Lawson Test. A quick internet search is
showing me lots of relatively useless post-intro course surveys but no
actual Lawson (which seems to be the ideal they are aiming for with the

In order to retain its validity it's kept "secret". However, a version is in Lawson's book.

"I would suggest reading his book. Here are the 2 different versions. Actually originally it was created by Michael Shayer based on Piagetian interviews. The non multiple choice version is copied from his book, but the answer sheet is my creation for convenience of grading and to save paper I only have a class set of the test."

If you "join" the physlrnr list you'll obtain much info. on such matters.


p.s. bio assessments are internet posted. Hint: first name is Anton. There is a link to the scientific reasoning, but, perhaps wisely, it results in the dreaded 404 error.

And at least one of the others have questions duplicative. I pray I've not, as JD wrote, made it, not reasoning, but plug. The sci. reasoning "test" includes physics and bio. questions. Some of the questions are demanding, or my Alzheimer's has progressed.

I think this is the book:

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